Social Awareness

Mai Thai Coffee is Born

Mai Thai Coffee is a vital part of a social development project that is changing the lives of rural people throughout Northern Thailand. It is a grassroots effort that has the support of the Thai Government, the Forestry Department of Thailand and hundreds of villages.

Mai Thai Coffee works closely with Abundant Life Foundation in Thailand ( to provide financial support for all inclusive care facilities. This enables orphans and at risk children an opportunity to grow in a healthy environment and receive a quality education. 

Several years ago we found coffee trees growing in the villages of Northern Thailand. We discovered that coffee had been introduced to the highland villages some 40 years ago as a substitution crop for opium, but no one developed a market for it. The Royal Forestry Department of Thailand looks favorably on coffee cultivation in the highlands as it eliminates erosion and helps restore the essential watershed. Further research helped us to realize that we live in a prime coffee growing region capable of producing high quality, specialty grade Arabica coffee. 

The idea for Mai Thai Coffee was born. The villagers are extremely talented at growing things and their natural habitat is rich in resources and ideal for coffee cultivation. We trained the farmers and each farm was then developed using organic farming techniques. The coffee plants are nestled among macadamia, palms and other local trees providing the shade necessary for the highest grade coffee. Ideal climate, altitude and soil conditions as well as a meticulous picking and processing system attribute to the rich but mellow taste of Mai Thai Coffee.

We compensate the farmers above the established Fair Trade Price for their coffee. By tending a modest coffee farm of just one acre, a village family can multiply their income enabling them to properly care for their families. 

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Treat The Farmer Fairly
Addressing Social Concerns